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Engineer and its teaching method division


The Chair "Engineering graphics and methods of its teaching" were discovered in 1955 under physico-mathematical faculty. The First head chair was YU.KIRGIZBAEV, which managed the chair in 1955-1960 and has solved the trained problem. Kirgizbaev first author, who has written on uzbek language textbook on "Descriptive geometry". The Chair served preparing the future teachers of the drawing and drawing for schools, on industrial pedagogical faculty taught drawing for teachers on subject labour. As well as they teacher on extension course.

After assistants professor Yu.Kirgizbaev head chair were in 1960-1967 yy. A.A.Tazhibaev, 1967-1980 yy. t.f.n., assistant professor K.M.Kabulzhanov, 1980-1991 yy., assistant professor I.T.Rahmonov, 1991-2002 yy. t.f.n., assistant professor P.O.Adilov, 2002-2009 gg. assistant professor A.O.Ashirboev. The senior ''''''''''''' M.K.Halimov manages With 1 December 2009 chair.

2016-2017 school years scientific potential of chair teaching composition 12 members, scientific potential - 41,5%.

The List subject on chair:


The Descriptive geometry;

The Computer graphics;

The Methods of the teaching engineering graphs;

The Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics;

The Cooperation of the chair with foreign high school:

The Kazakhstan national university named after Al Farabi;

Kiev national engineering-building university;

SOUTH-Kazakhstan Technological University named after M.Auezov;

On the part of professorial composition were created and designed scholastic allowances, scientific allowances, textbooks, for instance, textbook "Descriptive geometry" - Sh.Muradov and others, "Topographical drawing" Sh.Muradov, R.Ismatullaev, N.Tashimov, B.Siddikov, "Methods of the teaching engineering graphs" E.Ruziev, A.Ashirboev, "Descriptive geometry and engineering graphs" M.Halimov, "Drawing" M.Halimov, "Drawing" N.Tashimov, "Drawing" A.Valiev, "Descriptive geometry and technical drawing" Z.Mirzaliev, "Drawing" I.Rahmonov, A.Ashirboev, B.Nigmonov, A.Valiev, N.Kirgizboeva.

The Professor-teachers of the chair annually participate on republican contest "Author of the best textbook and scholastic literature". So for instance, in 2007 acting duty of professor T.Rihsibaev for scholastic allowance "Computer graphics", in 2008 I.Rahmonov and A.Abdurahmonov for scholastic allowance "Guide diploma 3-degree were awarded to drawing". In 2010 Sh.Muradov and others for textbook "Descriptive geometry" has got the diploma 1-degree, Ashirbaev for scholastic allowance "Drawing" diploma 3-degree, in 2011 assistant professor A.Valiev in coauthorship with I.Rahmonov for scholastic allowance "Drawing", but assistant professor A.Ashirboev in coauthorship with prof. E.Ruziev "Methods of the teaching engineering graphs" have got the diploma 1-degree, in 2013 assistant professor M.Halimov for textbook "Descriptive geometry and engineering graphs", but professor Sh.K.Murodov in coauthorship with acting duty of assistant professor N.Tashimov "Bases of the graphic scenes " have got the diploma 2-degree, Work in system "Ustoz-''''''" (the mentor and pupil) to Teachers of the chair work with gifted student on faculty Art not only, but also faculty of the labor formation. Work scientific mugs "Graphics" and "Computer graphics" lead On chair.

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