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Foreign languages

Language is a bridge between nations!

Department and implementation of the educational process

Mamadaliev A. M. – Dean of the faculty

Kenjaeva G. S. – Deputy Dean for spiritual-educational work

Ekubov A. F. – Deputy Dean on educational work

Abdujabbarova Z. R. – Head of the Department of Theory and methodology of teaching English

Yusupov O. N. – Head of the Department of Practical course of English language

Matenova Y. U. – Head of the Department of Russian literature and methods of teaching

Latipov J. O. – Head of Department of Russian language and teaching methodology

Korzun A.V. – the President of the Faculty Union

Murodov U. N. – Chairman of the Board of supervisors of the faculty

Kasimova D. – Chairman of the women's Council of the faculty

Faculty of foreign languages of Tashkent state pedagogical University named after Nizami is a leading academic unit prepares specialist of foreign languages in the framework of the state program of continuing education. The motto of the faculty is "Language is a bridge between Nations." Currently, the community of the faculty workes tirelessly and is in constant creative search. To meet the modern requirements of the educational process.

From 30 October 2017 the faculty is headed by Matenova Julia Umidovna

With the aim of raising the level of teaching and optimize the process of learning foreign languages, Matenova J. U. pays great attention to upgrading the skills of personnel.

In this regard, increasing the level of professional skills is one of the ongoing areas of work.

In its activities of 4 departments of the faculty of foreign languages actively attract international communication and work in cooperation with leading educational institutions of the Russian Federation, USA, UK, Germany, Korea, Kazakhstan and China.

In particular, in the framework of the agreement on cooperation with the pedagogical universities of Freiburg and Heidelberg if the Federal Republic of Germany every year for training in these Universities sent 1 student for one semester and 1 teacher for a period of one month.

The faculty of foreign languages in conjunction with foreign experts held the scientific-theoretical conference.

The faculty developed and approved plan of spiritual and educational work, including such aspects as the organization of awareness-raising activities, the implementation of spiritually-moral work subject to the observance of the principles of the Republic of Uzbekistan, working with parents and active members of the group, the organization of creative activities and events, monitoring attendance and progress of students, and other spiritual and educational work of the faculty.

The teaching staff of the faculty is constantly involved in scientific research. For the 2017-2018 academic year teachers of the faculty were published 6 monographs, 8 tutorials, more than 50 articles in journals and more than 20 articles in international journals.


Dean of the faculty of foreign languages

Mamadaliev Abdumajit Mamasiloyevich

Contact information

Phone: 276-78-83


8 January 2018 , 30,378
Yuldasheva D.

Fakultet yangiliklari

28 November 2017


20 November 2017

Working with academic lyceums and professional colleges

20 October 2017

on working with academic lyceums and professional colleges at the faculty of foreign languages
during the academic year 2014-2015

Works carried on the fulfillment of resolution № PR 1875 “ Measures on improvement of learning foreign languages”

27 June 2013


10 January 2018

Department of Theory and Methods of Teaching English

5 January 2018

Department of Russian Language and Methods of Teaching

4 January 2018

Korean language and literature, methods of its teaching department

20 October 2017

Department of German Language and methods of teaching

20 October 2017

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