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The visit of teachers and students to the library

23 dekabr 2015 yil, 3,839

The teachers of “English language” chairs N.Akhmedova and O. Djabbarova went to that was opened a new library with students. Teachers brought 201 and 202 KIAT groups of Professional education faculty. Library is very big, comfortable and very beautiful. It consists of different sections. You may find all types books from it. Besides them it has children’s book.

You can buy books too. Here, teachers discussed books and was choosing a fairy – tale book for children. Also library has café for drinking cofee and eating food.

Students were very happy for coming to there. Teachers were explaining kind of books here and students were taking informations belong to themselves. You may see various books. For example romans, poet’s books, fairy – tale books, psychological and philosophical . on the other hand, there are maps and globes in library too. N.Akhmedova and her students were seeing interesting books.

What a wonderful library!!! Espessially it was put into place with order. Advantages of library you can find easily which are searching books.

23 dekabr 2015 yil, O`qilgan :3839

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