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Club of cheerful and smart students

The teachers of English Language chair O. Djabbarova and N. Akhmedovaorganized
Panel games was be among students of Professional Education faculty on 18 December
in 2015 year. Twice groups participated in the game.

They are Paramountand Royal.

Royal consists of 10 students informational technology field , also Paramount have 10

students Art Fine field of Professional Education faculty. Panel game was held only in

English by students. Dear guests had at the party. They were principle of university and

vice principal of university. Organizers invited Vice- principal Qoysinov Odil

Allamurodovich of the university then he congratulated students with his words in

English. Then Panel game began.

Panel Game consisted of following tasks:

- Introducing

- Role play

- Finding Riddle

- Giving opinion to proverbs

- Brain ring

- Singing song

Game was be very interesting. Groups contended with from each other. Realy students prepared hardly to this party. As result of preparetion that was showed their performance. All tasks were be in english. Groups approached to every tasks by heart. Espessially, the best performans are role play and singing song.

The member of jury: Sh.F.Ismoilova is head of English Language chair.

Sh.A.Atadjanova is head of Foreign language Chair,

D.H.Saydazimova is senior teacher of English Language chair.

The last time after the announced balls both of group sang song hold my hand . Everybody was very be happy. Then students took photo from each other and with teachers.

The teachers of English language chair participated to this panel game and gave their ideas. At the end of party juries decided that announced to win friendship. This was very a true decide because both of group really were power. We should multiplied such competition.

25 dekabr 2015 yil, O`qilgan:1567

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