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Department of «Method of teaching computer science»

In 1985 department was separated from department of “ Mathematic Analyze” faculty of physics and mathematics under name “Information technology and Counting techniques”.

In 1985 department was separated from department of “ Mathematic Analyze” faculty of physics and mathematics under name “Information technology and Counting techniques”.

As the department was founded the following scientists ruled it:

1985-1986 candidate of physics and mathematic science E.E. Rankov;

1986-1996 doctor of technique science, professor M.Z.Ziyakhodjayev

1997-1999 candidate of physics and mathematics science, assistant professor R.R.Bakiyev;

1999- 2004 doctor of technique science, professor U.Y.Yuldashev;

2004-2010 candidate of physics and mathematic science, assistant professor R.R.Bakiyev.

2010-2015 candidate of pedagogical science assistant professor M.E.Mamaradjabov.

From June 18 2015 the department is being ruled by candidate of pedagogical science, assistant professor Tursunov Samar Kuziyevich.

Arter foundation of department, professors: M. Ziyaxodjayev, A. Abdukadirov, E.E. Rankov, Assistant professors: R.R. Bakiyev, F. Shariphodjayeva, B. Tileuberdiyev, D. Kurbanbayev, B.Sattarov, F.Zakirov, teachers: I.Mirmakhmudov, O.Karimov and others have been leading their pedagogical activities.

From 1995 beginning of connection with joining the department of technical source of teaching, The department started calling “Information Science and Technical source of teaching, teaching staff was extended, and Doctor of pedagogical science assistant professor Sh.Akhrorov, assistant professors S.Mahkamov, V.Ganiyev and others started to work.

From 2002, under the Order of The rector of University started to call “Information Science and IT in Education”, from 2012 “Information Science and Methods its Teaching” from June 2015 the Department has been called “Methods of Teaching Information Science”.

Nowadays the department considered to be one of the leading institutes.

Professors U. Yuldashev, A.Abdukadirov, N.Taylakov, F.Zakirova, assistant professors F.Shariphodjayev, M.Mamaradjabov, S.Tursunov, Candidates of Science D.Ziyadullayev, A.Eminov, Assistant professors of University B.Kholdorov, Old teachers I.Mirmakhmudov, M.Ashurov, A.Pirimkulova, M.Payozov, I.Nazarov, A.Turakulova, N.Mirzakhmedova, Sh. Adinayev, N.Haytullayeva, teachers S.A.Vibornov, Sh.Usmonkulov, U.Umarova, Z.Mahamatova, E.Suyunova, F.Muhammadiyeva, V.Mullakayeva and others are leading their pedagogical activities.

Teacher professor staff of the Department lead scientific researches on actual problems of teaching “Information Science and IT” and preparing teachers of Information Science and the following directions:

1. Conceptual foundation of update pedagogical and information technologies, conformations as well as methods and modules using in educational processes.

2. Methodical system, appendixes and technologies teaching discipline direction on Information Science in secondary- special, professional education.

3. Problems between subjects, uninterrupted teaching Information science

4. Scientific methodical and practical principles of increasing effect of methodical preparing teachers of Information Science.

Today, textbooks, teaching materials, electronic textbooks, created in collaboration with the teachers of the department are in all educational institutions of the republic. For example: it is widely used in educational practice: A. Abdukadirov, Information Technology (textbook for academic lyceums and professional colleges), U.Yuldashev, R.Bakiev, F.Zakirova, Informatics (textbook for vocational colleges), M.Mamaradzhabov, S.Tursunov, Computer Graphics and Web Design (textbook for pedagogical universities) U.Yuldashev, M.Mamaradzhabov, S.Tursunov, Teaching Web Design (textbook for pedagogical universities), R.Bakiev information technology (manual for professional colleges), M.Mamaradzhabov, M.Kurbanova, Informatics (textbook for professional colleges).

The department operates scientific-theoretical seminar on computer and clubs for students. Each year, dozens of students and protect the exchange of final qualifying works. Former students of the department Mamaradzhabov M., S. Tursunov, A.Eminov, L.Nabiulina defended their dissertations.

The department collaborates with other educational institutions: 2 schools, 8 academic lyceums and colleges provide methodological and practical assistance.

Department of scientific and scientific-methodological research collaborating with the National Research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences named after K. Niazi, the Republican center of education, the Centre "Istedod" Andijan State University, Gulistan State University, Nukus Pedagogical Institute.

The department conducted 20 sessions on special subjects in the directions Bachelor "Methods of teaching of computer science" and taught to students of 1-4 courses of other faculties of the University on subjects such as "Computing and IT", "IT in Education", "The use of applications in learning process", "Internet Technology", "Remote technology".

Along with the teaching work of the department staff conduct research and methodological work. The teachers of the department N.Haytullaeva, B.Turaev conduct their research, work on his doctoral dissertation.

Research interests of teachers of the department are related to the theoretical foundations of computer science, the study of the problems of artificial intelligence, methods of teaching of computer science in educational institutions of different types of education information, web programming, e-learning, the use of ICT in education

Today we live in the emerging information society in the world, where one needs the ability to quickly find the information to use it effectively, to acquire new knowledge. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the department - to raise the level of training of students to a qualitatively new level meeting the requirements of modern times. .

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History of the department

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History of the department

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Research activities of the Department of Informatics

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Spiritual educational, educators activity

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Scientific-methodical activity department of «Method of teaching computer science»

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The scientific potential of the department is 26%, including 1 doctor of sciences, professor; 3 associate professors, 1 PhD, 9 senior lecturers, 3 lecturers.

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