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Department on work with the academic lyceums and professional colleges

Department on work with the academic lyceums and vocational colleges was foundon November 1, 2001. The purpose of this department was the fulfillment of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №400 from October 4, 2001 "On measures of improving the training of teachers for secondary, vocational and technical educational institutions," the orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education № 125 from May 30, 2001, № 263 from October 25, 2001.

The purpose of the department - the effective organization of educational and methodological, spiritual and educational, organizational - methodical and research activities in academic lyceums and professional colleges.

Tasks of the department:

- Intensification of the educational and research process in academic lyceums and professional colleges, as a result of increase of efficiency of maintenance of the center of information resources, as well as training - organizational work and regulations, deepening of theoretical knowledge of students of AL and PC;

- Formation of practical skills, provide practical assistance to young specialists and providing jobs graduates AL and PC in order to continuity in the succession of post-secondary and higher educational institutions;

- Conducting and participating in research on the development of electronic information systems to ensure the effectiveness and relevance of the educational process;

- Improving the work on cooperation with academic lyceums and professional colleges for the implementation of the activities of highly qualified specialists and their spiritual and educational work in the educational process;

- Develop methods of analysis for the evaluation activity of pupils AL and PC;

- The organization and ensuring the effectiveness of teaching and information control knowledge of students of secondary special educational institutions;

- Cooperation in the organization of security of information resources, the development of work programs, taking into account scientific research achievements and practical training areas for bachelor degree, master degree and academic lyceums and professional colleges;

- The organization of joint work by the method of "The Apprentice + Mentor", the identification of gifted students in the academic lyceum at the State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, the definition of the joint research work of professors of the departments of the university.

- Changes in curricula, SSE and acting work programs in collaboration with the aim of improve the educational process in the AL and PCs;

- Exchange of teaching experience and innovative ideas in collaboration with the University academic lyceums and professional colleges.

- Development of optimal requirements for workplace organization pupils ' of AL and PC, providing them with training resources, material and technical base and training technologies;

- Improving qualifications of staff training academic lyceums and professional colleges, in particular, to provide practical assistance in the formation skills in the ability to use information and communication tools and interactive technologies in the educational process, increasing computer literacy and local ownership in practice;

- Identification of gifted students in secondary specialized educational institutions, their involvement in scientific research, to provide practical assistance in the publication of scientific papers in journals and newspapers, issuer university;

- Involve young professionals AL and PC in scientific research and selection of scientific advisers, organize, participate in scientific conferences and scientific workshops with reports of teachers of AL and PC;

- Graduates of career guidance in collaboration;

- The organization of the spiritual and educational work in the AL and PC, providing practical help with the co-operation in the education of pupils in the spirit of patriotism, in the distribution of free time, forming lasting immunity against negative phenomena that are alien to the Uzbek people, and in the development of their personality;

- The enrichment of the material and technical base and information resource center of the AL and the PC, the creation of conditions in use RPI University students.

The organizational structure of the department

The organizational structure of the department includes 3 staff units (1 head of the department and 2methodologists)

Information on the activities of the department

Office of the Ministry in 1998, February 24 on the basis of the Resolution № 77 "on the management and organization of academic lyceums and professional colleges" was given the status of the support to the TSPU named after Nizami, which in turn prepares teaching staff for Al and PC. On the basis of the resolution № 400 of October 4, 2001 "On measures of improving the training of teachers for vocational and professional education" was adopted by the Decree of the Rector dated November 1, 2001 "On creation of the Center for cooperation with the AL and the PC in order to ensure continuity in education the process for the provision of practical assistance in the organization of educational process on the basis of modern requirements.”

Organization of activity of the department for work collaboration was approved by the Academic Council of the University on 25 October 2001. Nowadays, the head of department Yuldoshev R., and perform post Methodist Ashirmatov I. and N. Baymatova

The task of the department for cooperation

- Ensuring continuity and consistency between institutions, working in collaboration textbooks and teaching aids, improving the quality of vocational training of students of academic lyceums and professional colleges, improving the efficiency branch of the departments in the AL and PC. Due to the fact, on the basis of the order № 534-V from 10.13.2015 year "of the optimization of the branches in general and secondary educational institutions" was opened 71 branches of department. Branches of the departments in charge of experienced teachers of the University and is a member of the teachers' council of the school.

In order to improve the quality of teaching in academic lyceums and professional colleges, regularly held scientific and practical conference on the implementation of educational technology in teaching.

The teaching staff of the University published over 100 books and teaching aids for general and secondary institutions.

AL Administration of and the PC, and subject teachers of general and secondary institutions support the graduates of the university and provide practical assistance in the teaching practice.

Work out The mechanism of practical and educational help future young teachers. Open database of graduates of bachelor and master degree of permanent residence in the areas and regions of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Tashkent city.

To help employers, the University assists graduates in securing electronic data in the portal, periodically updated information, graduate students, their profession and the direction of an undergraduate degree. Also, university graduates and young teachers of the Republic have the opportunity to openly use the necessary teaching materials, guidelines, manuals, training manuals, which in the site that serves them TSPU Nizami.

Department of Cooperation with the academic lyceums and professional colleges conducts joint scientific and practical, educational-methodological activities for long-term plan, which is made on the basis of the Program and the Resolution, approved with the decision of the Scientific Council of the University "for the provision of practical assistance to academic lyceums and professional colleges in the educational process the requirements of modern society in the implementation info active technologies in order to ensure continuity and succession.

In September 28, 2015 by the Decree № 495 of the rector of the University, have been approved and updated the work of the Coordination Council for the integration of higher education institutions AL and PC, as its new staff. Members of the Coordination Council is the director of AL and PCs city Tashkent region, deputy director of teaching academic lyceums and deputy director for professional education. It is members also are the Board of Director of the Center of Information Technology, Dean of the Faculty of professional development for teachers of academic lyceums and professional colleges, their retraining, responsible for the work and cooperation with the AL PC faculties.

Professor-teachers` of the University worked out 21 scientific-methodological manual complexes and they are developed by the method of teaching training and the use of innovative educational technologies in general subjects in the AL, and PCs and have been tested together teachers of Tashkent city, Tashkent and Jizzakh regions.

At the academic lyceum of the State Pedagogical University named after Nizami is working on the system "Mentor+ Learner" and "The headquarters of the applicant" in co-operation and the work of all departments involved in the direction of the university. Nowadays, 471 contracts are approved the for a period of 5 years from the Secondary-special, general, vocational colleges, as well as pre-school education establishments. Of these 253 secondary schools and 94 with AL and 113 with secondary special institutions. In addition 71 branches are opened secondary –special educational institutions.

University professors teaching staff published more than 200 of textbooks, teaching manuals for secondary schools, university professors spend profession oriented work with students of academic lyceums and professional colleges, in connection with the conduct "Open Day" for pupils' of AL and PC and It becomes a tradition.

Academic Lyceum Under Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami was founded in 1995. Today, there are trained about 700 students and 56 teachers. Of these, 11 university professors, teach classes in-depth study of physics, mathematics, Uzbek language and literature, English, history, science and other subjects.

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Universitet qoshidagi akademik litsey 1995 yilda tashkil etilgan bо‘lib, hozirda 700 nafarga yaqin о‘quvchiga 56 nafar о‘qituvchilar ta’lim-tarbiya berishmoqda. Ulardan 11 nafari universitet professor-о‘qituvchilari bо‘lib, ular chuqurlashtirib о‘qitiladigan fizika, matematika, ona tili va adabiyoti, ingliz tili, tarix, informatika fanlaridan dars berishga jalb etilgan.
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