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Pedagog newspaper

Since 1956 newspapers 'Ma'rifat yulida' and 'Pedagog' have being published at University.

In 2012 they were united to the one newspaper - 'Pedagog'

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The newspaper "teacher" is a periodical of the State Pedagogical University named after Nizami,its publication began in 1956. According to the decision 3 / 4.2 of the Academic Council from November 17, 2011 it joined the newspaper "Marifatyulida" and "Teacher." And the newspaper started being published under the title "Teacher".

The newspaper "Teacher" on the basis of Resolution 02-00170 of the Cabinet of Ministers "On further improvement of the procedure of state registration of the mass media in the Republic of Uzbekistan" dated January 25, 2013 was registered under 02-00170 in the Agency of Press and Information on January 25, 2013.

The newspaper publishes articles about the news that take place in the country and the university on research conducted in the field of training, education and upbringing, spiritual and educational activities and cooperation. Articles are diverse, more space is given to the spiritual and educational direction, and there are samples of the creative work of the faculty teachers and students - pictures, illustrations- submitted and posted, based on the content of articles.

And there are articles about scientific conferences, seminars and meetings, press conferences, sporting events, news, essays. Along with the delivery of articles devoted to the birthdays of the great ancestors Amir Temur, AlisherNavoi, Babur, a number of interesting articles under the heading "Education", "Upbringing", "Regulation and Performance", "From the life of the university", "Program of the Year - in action", "Matter fordiscussion", "Facing the world", "Diverse World", "Echo", "Ethics", "Health is wealth"is published.

The newspaper "Teacher" is published 10 times a year, 2,000 copies in color format from 1-8 pages.

Publisher: State Pedagogical University named after Nizami. Speciality: the spiritually-educational edition. The address of the newspaper "Teacher": Tashkent, Yakkasaroy district, Yusuf Hawes Hadzhibey Street, house 103.

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