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Open lesson in Masters

At the rate of "Logopedic massage" was held open lesson on "Methods of teaching speech therapy massage"

Professor of the Faculty of "Pedagogy, Psychology and defectology" the Department "Correctional Pedagogy" PhD and / o Assoc. ZM Akhmedova December 21, 2016 held an open session on the 2-year master's direction "on areas" on the course "logopaedic massage" on the topic "Methods of speech therapy massage". In the continuation of classes used educational technology such as "cluster", "fish skeleton", a Venn diagram. At a public session attended by the head of department of a magistracy MH Esanov, professor of "Correctional Pedagogy" MY Aiupova, Head of the Department "Correctional Pedagogy" Sh Amirsaidova

9 January 2017 , 2,283

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