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Vocational Education

Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami from the academic year 1959-1960 on the basis of the faculty of physics and mathematics and technical sciences began to prepare teachers for vocational specialties. From September 1st of this year the faculty of engineering and pedagogics was established and the department of “Machinery and metal technology” was also established under this faculty.

The development of the scientific and technological progress of 1957 in the country created prerequisites for the need for the introduction of polytechnical education in an average general education school. As a result, a decision was made to reorient ten-year general schools to polytechnic schools. This, in turn, posed one of the most important tasks of training in higher educational institutions of highly qualified teaching staff in the subject of labor training. To solve this problem, in 1957, at the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute, they began to create an educational and material base for teacher training "Physics and the basics of production." In 1957-59, on the basis of the "Physical" faculty, a laboratory was established for engineering technology, training workshops, metalworking workshops and carpentry.

In 1959, a curriculum was approved for the specialty "2120 - Teacher of General Technical Disciplines and Labor", as a result, the "Industrial Pedagogical Faculty" was established to train the relevant personnel. At this time only one department of "Machine building and metal technology" operated at the faculty. The head of the department was appointed associate professor M.T. Toirkhodzhaev.

Since 1959 in different periods the faculty has been called "Engineering Pedagogical", "General technical disciplines", "Industrial and pedagogical" and now the faculty is given the name "Vocational education”.

In different years the faculty was headed by the following learned teachers as deans: in 1959-1962 Associate Professor G. Abdurashidov; 1962-1967, the senior lecturer DNGaniev; 1967-1974, senior lecturer SA Khodzhaev; 1974-1978, the senior lecturer MTTourkhodzhaev; 1978-1980 years prof. U.N. Nishonaliev; 1980-1986 years prof. A.Yu. Yuldashev; 1986-1992 years prof. AI Vorobyev; 1992-1993, senior lecturer MS Yakhyayev; 1993-1997, senior lecturer AR Rasulmukhamedov; 1997-1998, Associate Professor B. Khusanov; 1998-2008: Associate Professor N.A. Muslimov; 2008-2010 the senior lecturer А.I. Avazbaev; 2010-2001 years associate professor VNSattorov and since September 2011 the senior lecturer Ya.I.Ismadiyarov.

Currently, the faculty carries out training of personnel in 5 areas of bachelor's degree and in 6 specialties of the magistracy.

These are:

Bachelor's direction:

1). 5112100 - Labor training;

2). 5111000 - Professional training (5150900- Design (clothing design));

3). 5111000 - Professional training (5330200 - Informatics and information technology));

4). 5111000 - Professional training (5111047 - Computer graphics and design))

5). 5110800 - Visual arts and methods of teaching it.

On specialties of magistracy:

1). 5A112100 - Theory and methodology of education and training (labor training);

2). 5A 110802 - Engineering graphics and theoretical design basics;

3). 5A 110801 - Fine arts and fine arts;

4). 5A111001 - Theory and Methods of Professional Education (Computer Science and Information Technology);

5). 5A111001 - Theory and methodology of vocational education (design);

6). 5A111001 - Theory and methodology of professional education (computer graphics).

To date, the faculty forms modern knowledge among students and is taught by the teaching staff: 6 of them are doctors of science - prof. U.I. inoyatov, prof. Sh.Sh. Sharipov prof. U.K.Talipov, prof. Prof. N.Muslimov, prof. U. Sh.Begimkulov, Candidates of Science, Professor - BK Mukhamedsaidov; prof. Sh.K.Murodov, prof. RG Isyanov, Candidates of Science Associate Professor. POAdilov, Kh.Z.Ismatullaeva, Ya.I. Ismadyarov, D.U. Ergashev, RGMullahmetov, SABoltabaev, S.Abdirasilov, OAKuysinov, G.M. Anokrulova, OI Avazbaev, S.Ya. Akhmadaliyev, S.Alibekov, L.M. Nabiulina, associate professors: AO Ashirboev, R.Sh. Khalilov, A.Valiyev, M.K. Khalimov, VA Chursina, R.B.Daminova, as well as the Ph.D. in Pedagogical Sciences (PhD) defended their theses in 2017 of science - D.N.Mamatov, H.Sh.Kodirov, S.S.Abduraimov.

The faculty's faculty also conducts classes at other faculties of the university.

There are 5 departments at the faculty:

" Information Technology"; "Methods of professional training," "Engineering graphics and methods of teaching it," "Visual arts and methods of teaching it," "Labor training and design."

The departments of the faculty developed and approved a plan for joint work with general schools, professional colleges, academic lyceums, as a result of which agreements on mutual cooperation were concluded.

The teaching staff of the departments for professional colleges create textbooks and teaching aids.

On innovative corporate cooperation between higher education, science and industry, a plan of measures has been developed. At the departments, scientific research activities are built and work plans are prepared taking into account the modernization of all activities.

The scientific practical activity of the faculty departments is conducted according to the project calculated for 2012-2014 under the number 1-148 on the topic "Technology of modernization of the content of professional education on the basis of improving the professional competence of teachers" on the basis of the state program approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, as well as fundamental research on the topic "Technology of organizing laboratory classes in training workshops."

In order to efficiently conduct research work at the departments, the equipment of the educational and material base of the departments is being strengthened, in particular, funds for the acquisition of computer systems are being allocated, the ranges of Internet use are being expanded, information and resource bases for storing materials published abroad are being created at the departments.

6 January 2018 , 25,307
Yuldasheva D.

The department of "Engineering graphics and methods of teaching it"

19 February 2018

To'garak mashg'ulotlari

10 November 2017

Nizomiy nomidagi TDPU Kasb ta'limi fakulteti Mehnat ta'limi va dizayn kafedrasida to'garak mashg'ulotlari olib borilmoqda

Fakultet yangiliklari

16 January 2017

M.Boymetov o‘z so‘zida Milliy armiyamiz-yoshlarimiz qalbida sadokat, jasorat, matonat, tuyg‘ularini mustaxkamlovchi xayot maktabidir, “Vatanni ximoya qilish-sharafli, oliyjanob va ma’suliyatli burchdir, mamlakatimiz qudratli armiyasi yurtimiz tinchligi va osoyishtaligi ramzidir shunday ekan biz ularni bugungi sana bilan tabriklaymiz deb o‘z so‘zini yakunladi.

About the department of Desing and labor education

4 January 2018

The department of labor studies and design organized by order of the rector of the University of №170-y on April 8 April 2015 on the basis of the merger of two departments "technical disciplines" and " Production Technologies". Currently, the department is headed by the educational process for 293 students.


8 January 2018

The Department of Information Technologies was organized at the Faculty of Professional Education on the basis of the resolution of the Scientific Council of the TSPU named after Nizami No. 1 / 3.1 of August 29, 2012 and the order of the rector of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami No. 478 of September 10.

The department "Fine Arts and Methods of Teaching"

6 January 2018

The department was formed as a result of the merger of three departments: the Department of Drawing, the Department of Painting, the Department of Methods of Teaching Fine Arts.

Cafedra “Methods of Professional Education”

6 January 2018

«Kasb ta’limi metodikasi» kafedrasi 1980 yilda «Mehnat ta’lim о‘qitish metodikasi» nomi bilan tashkil etilgan. Kafedraning tashkil qilinishidan asosiy kо‘zlangan maqsad umumiy о‘rta va kasb-hunar ta’limi muassasalari uchun malakali pedagog kadrlar tayyorlashni ta’minlash, mehnat va kasb ta’limi sohasida ilmiy-tadqiqot ishlarini tashkil etish, umumiy о‘rta va kasb-hunar ta’lim tizimi uchun о‘quv-metodik tavsiyalar, darslik va о‘quv qо‘llanmalar yaratishdan iborat.

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