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Primary Education

In 1935, the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute named after Nizami formed Faculty "Pedagogy."

Since 1957, the Department of "Pedagogy" began to prepare elementary school teachers.

In 1975, the department was renamed the "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education." From 1999 to 2008, the department was called "Primary education and defectology." In the 2008-2009 academic year, the Faculty was divided into two departments, "Primary education" and "Defectology".

Until 2011, the faculty have been working three chair "technique of primary education", "Pedagogy of primary education and methods of educational work" and "Mathematics and Humanities departments." In 2011, as a result of the modernization of two departments "Methods of primary education" and "Mathematics and Humanities departments' merged and became known as the Department of" Methods of primary education ", the faculty has two departments.

Currently, the scientific potential of the faculty is 45%. At the department operate three doctors and professors, 14 candidates, including three university professors, 5 associate professors, 6 Acting associate professors, one associate professor of the University, 8 senior teachers and 12 teachers.

At the faculty teach 27 subjects in Uzbek, Russian and Kazakh. In all subjects published textbooks, study guides and educational-methodical complexes.

Priority areas for research faculty "primary education":

1) Improving education in the direction of "primary education, sports and educational work" subjects such as mother tongue, mathematics, Russian language, teaching methods, the native language, methods of teaching mathematics.

2) Improvement of mother tongue, mathematics, Russian language in continuing education, and the use of subject between the ties.

3) Innovative improvement of the structure and content of primary education in the development of public education.

4) Innovative techniques problems of educational work in preparation of primary school teachers in education of harmoniously developed generation.

Significant success of the faculty "primary education":

Textbooks, manuals published by faculty teachers have repeatedly won the national contest "The author of the best textbooks and manuals of the year". In 2012, the winner of this contest was a textbook B.S.Abdullaevoy "Oly asoslari mathematics" (Itisod-moliya, Tashkent -2011).

The faculty "primary education" created four academic schools:

1) doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. R.A.Mavlonova (more than 10 candidates and doctors of sciences) research areas: integration in primary education.

2) The doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. Zh.G.Yuldashev (more than 10 candidates and doctors of sciences) research areas: Innovative educational technology in elementary education.

3) The doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor. Abdullayev BS (He defended his thesis Sadykov AV - 2009, Mukhitdinova NM - 2011, Laktaeva IS - 2012) The direction of research: to improve the methods of teaching mathematics in higher education in secondary vocational education and in schools.

4) The candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor. Zhumayev ME (He defended his thesis Boboulov S. - 2007, Nazarov B. - 2011) The direction of research: to improve the methods of teaching mathematics in primary education.

Perspective plan preparation of the teaching staff at the Faculty of "primary education" is performed: in 2009 - A.V.Sadykova in 2011 - N.M.Muhitdinova, N.Vohidova in 2012 - defended master I.Sh.Laktaeva thesis and received his degree in Education Sciences. In 2012 A.V.Sadykova received academic rank of assistant professor, approved by Higher Attestation Commission.

In addition, more than 20 faculty members conduct research as a job seeker.

The faculty "primary education" the work with gifted students. The faculty research activities, practical and professional circles, involving more than 360 students.

Also been established at the Faculty of innovative corporate collaboration activities. On a contractual basis by the co-operation with one-Tashkent College of Education, with the Tashkent Regional College of Education, public schools number number 26 -, 118 -, 160 -, 319.

Faculty teachers involved with their projects in contests of innovative, fundamental, practical projects. At VI Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and proektovuchastvuyut with its developments doctor of pedagogical sciences, and the candidate of pedagogical sciences prof.B.S.Abdullaeva, Assoc. A.V.Sadykova.

Priority objectives: further development of international cooperation with leading universities.

Starting with the name of the Faculty of Pedagogy the Faculty of primary and physical education was established in 1935. Initially, the Faculty of Pedagogy trained teachers of pedagogy and psychology for teacher training institutions. Later training of methodists and –inspectors for education system, preschool educational institutions and educators has been established.

From 1957, the faculty began to establish training specialists for primary education and teachers of primary education with qualification. In 1958, in order to improve the quality of the training of elementary school teachers the department of Pedagogy of primary education was founded. In 1959, the department of Methodology of primary education was separated from the department of Pedagogy of primary education.

Since 1975, the faculty was named the faculty of pedagogy and methodology of primary education. Teachers of primary schools who can teach in both Russian and Uzbek languages has been trained. Since 1980, the organizers were trained in the educational work. Later, staff training and educational work of primary education in the faculty has been begun.

There were 3 departments in the faculty then .5 associate professors and 3 teachers worked in the department of Pedagogy. Associate professor R.A.Mavlonova runs the department. The department of Primary education was run by professor K.K.Kosimova. There were 2 professors, 5 assistant professors, 3 teachers and laboratory assistant in the department. There were 4 associate professors, 1 senior teacher .Moreover 4 associate professors, 1 senior teacher and 4 teachers worked in the department of contemporary Russian and methodology of teaching.

From the second half of the 2012-2013 academic years, the branch of physical culture joined to the faculty of primary education. Currently, teachers of primary schools and physical training on the two mentioned above specialties in Uzbek, Kazakh and Russian languages.

Currently departments such as Pedagogy of primary education and methods of educational work, Methodology of primary education, Physical culture and methods of teaching physical culture, have successfully been working.

63 professors and teachers, 3 doctors of sciences, professors, 3 candidates of sciences, professors, 6 Ph.D., associate professors, 5 candidates of sciences, 3 assistant professors, 17 senior teachers and 18 teachers have been contributing in training highly qualified teachers.

On may 7, 2014 in the University there was held a conference on the topic “Improving the quality and effectiveness of education in primary schools by using the English language and information and communication technologies: problems and solutions “in accordance with the plan which was approved by the decree of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary education of Uzbekistan. Besides On May 21 another conference on the topic “Issues of improving quality of primary education, developing manual supplementation, and implementing innovative technologies for education” was held and teachers and professors of the faculty took part in the conference with their articles dedicated to the issue.


Dean of Primary Education

Akramov Abdumalik Abdumutalovich

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Phone: 276-75-39


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