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Special part-time department

Special part-time department of Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami

During the years of independence, systematic works are being carried out in our country, aimed to creating the necessary conditions for increasing the intellectual potential of young people by training with modern knowledge and their successes in the international arena.

The Strategy of Action on five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 years, adopted by initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the most important directions, related to the further improvement in the country of the system of continuous education, ensuring comprehensive intellectual, aesthetic and physical development of youth on the basis of quality education, high qualification of the teachers were identified.

Great importance attaches an improvement of the quality of education and upbringing in general educational schools, preschool and out-of-school educational institutions by training teachers for them in higher educational institutions who have modern teaching methods, and expanding the opportunities for higher education by teachers with secondary specialized education.

Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan RP-3183 from August 9, 2017 year that «About organization of special correspondence departments for pedagogical directions in higher educational institutions» is directed to solve these problems.

On the basis of the Resolution, starting from 2017-2018 academic year, special correspondence departments have been organized in 15 of higher educational institutions of the republic, which was created conditions to take higher education by teachers, working in remote areas of the country, in rural areas, in higher educational institutions, located in the centers of the regions in which they live.

In the Resolution, in particular, it was defined the followings:

- admission to the bachelor's direction of special correspondence departments, organized in the structure of higher educational institutions, it is carried out from the number of persons who have secondary special, vocational education, as well as practical pedagogical experience of work at least 3 years and recommendations by Ministry and departments on the base of needs to pre-school, school and out-of-school educational institutions in pedagogical cadres;

- A teaching process a special part-time department is carried out on a fee-contract basis;

- Students studying at a special part-time department, during exams, tests, qualification work, coursework, laboratory and other academic works in the academic year have educational leave with pay at the main work place and they will come two times in the year. At the same time, educational leave is usually provided during the winter and summer holidays of general education institutions, they have work holidays in accordance with the established procedure;

- The educational hours of students are conducted by teachers (employees) of educational institutions during their participation in the higher educational institutions, according to the conditions of hourly wages;

- When entering to special part-time department, between the ministry or the department, among the higher educational institution and student, a tripartite agreement will be concluded with the obligation to complete it for a period of at least five years after the graduating of the teaching at the place of work (in the educational institution), indicated in the direction of the organization that providing the recommendation to study;

- In higher educational institutions, in which special part-time departments on pedagogical directions are organized, to receive the second and subsequent higher education, it will be organized as the correspondence form of the education. At the same time, it is determined to receive a second and subsequent higher education from the second year of the bachelor's degree (independently of the difference in disciplines in the curriculums) in a period of not less than 3 years.

Students who study at a special part-time department, for three years of training, fulfill the academic load stipulated in the working curriculum, in the volume of 864 hours of auditory classes and 6480 hours of independent education. During this time they perform course papers (2) on academic subjects, pass from state attestation on humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines, foreign language, and defend the final qualifying work.

Graduates who have completed the curriculum of part-time (special correspondence) education, successfully passed the state attestation and defended the final qualification work, by the decision of the state attestation commission the academic title of «bachelor» are given and a bachelor's degree of the established sample is awarded

In accordance with the Resolution of e Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, it was defined as the base of higher educational institution for qualification requirements, curriculum and programs, the creation of educational and educational methodological literatures for the direction of special correspondence courses, and the Coordination Council for Educational and Methodological Activities of higher educational institutions was created, in which special correspondence departments on pedagogical directions were organized.

At the meeting of the Coordination Council in September 2017, vice rectors of 15 higher educational institutions of the republic participated, where special correspondence departments and heads of profile departments, which specialists are trained in the areas of special correspondence education, an exchange of views on normative educational documentation regulating the activities of special correspondence departments was composed.

By the order of the Ministry of higher and secondary specialized education of №. 603 of August 24, 2017, on the basis of qualification requirements, curriculums, curriculum of subjects in the bachelor's direction, working curriculum and working curriculum for a special part-time department were approved.

At present, all organized special part-time departments were fully provided with working curriculum and working educational programs, and the direction of education was provided with the necessary educational literature.

In pursuance of the Presidential Decree «About organization of special correspondence departments on pedagogical directions in Higher educational institutions», it was signed order by the Minister of higher and secondary specialized education that № 559 from August 12, 2017 and order by rector of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami that № 554 from August 17, 2017, on the bases of which the special part-time department was organized in the university.

At present time Sh.S.Abduraimov is the head of the special part-time department of TSPU named after Nizami, as a methodologist on educational and methodical works is L.R.Zaripov.

The educational process at the special part-time department was organized in accordance with the Regulation of «About organization of part-time (Special correspondence) education in Higher educational institutions», approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan that № 930 from November 21, 2017 that «About approval of the regulations about order in Higher educational institutions of correspondence (special part-time) and evening (shift) education».

Today a special part-time department of the university prepares bachelors in the following eight directions of education: 5110800 – Imitative Arts and Engineering Graphics, 5110900 – Pedagogy and Psychology, 5111700 – Primary education and Sports-upbringing work, 5111800 – Preschool education, 5111900 – Defectology, 5111100 – Musical education, 5112100 – Labor training, 5112000 – Physical training. In these directions of education in 2017-2018, 590 students will study.

In addition, 240 students are enrolled in ten directions in part-time form for receiving a second higher education in the directions of education: 5111300 – Native language and literature (Russian language and literature), 5111400 – Foreign language and literature (English and literature), 5111800 – Preschool education, 5111700 – Primary education and sports and upbringing work, 5110100 – Methodology of teaching mathematics, 5111900 – Defectology, 5112000 – Physical education, 5210200 – Psychology (Psychologist, Consultant Psychologist), 5110600 – Methodology of teaching history, 5110400 – Methodology of teaching biology.

To teach in the department there are more than 50 professors and teachers of the university with high potential, for distance learning of students, a web-based system adapted to the learning process was created, operating in on-line modes (conducting video lectures, consultations, types of control in real time) and off-line (distension self-mastering of relevant), and were created conditions for self-assimilation knowledge, provided by the curriculum, students of a special correspondence department without isolation from main work position by the Internet address

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