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Report on the conversation devoted to the 577th anniversary of Alisher Navoi

Report on the conversation devoted to the 577th anniversary of Alisher Navoi

Docent of the department of Languages and Speech Culture S.Adilova opened the event devoted to Alisher Navoi`s 577 anniversary and report was continued by Ph.D. G.Norimova. G.Norimova explained the importance of studying the creative heritage of Alisher Navoi, explaining the samples from his works. She shared with the stories that were significantly from the poem "Haman-ul abror" by Khamsa. Students read excerpts from Navoi`s gazelles and analyzed them. Teachers exchanged views with students. Also they brought new details about his works. The interesting information about the works "Khamsa", "Majolis un - nafois" took the great impression of participants. Sh. Yunusova continued with her presentation. Also she mentioned that his works such as "Khamsa", "Majolis un - nafois", "Arbain" which was about the ideas of vocabulary and read them their fragments.

Indeed, the artistic heritage left by the genius of our poetry is that it is a pure oasis of the oceans that can enrich our so-called luxury property, "The demon can be transformed into a man who is pure, clean."

The foundation of the amphitheater is purity. Sh.M. Yunusova concluded that her reading and understanding of the works of Alisher Navoi would lead us to excellence.

After that, associate professor S. Adilova made a speech and spoke about the excellence of Alisher Navoi's works. He addressed students with questions and encouraged them to debate.

Teachers N.Abdanbekova, Sh.Kurbonova, N.Baymanova, D.Nurmukhamedova, U.Isayeva also shared their views on the work of Alisher Navoi and delivered fragments from the walls.

The event was attended by students of the Natural Sciences, History, Physics and Mathematics faculties.

The members of the Uzbek, Russian and English language groups read excerpts from the works, ghazals and rubies of Alisher Navoi.

Candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent S.Adilova

Teacher, Ph.D., G.Norimova

Teacher Sh.Yunusova

Senior teacher Sh.Kurbanova





12 February 2018 , 1,131
Yuldasheva D.

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