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The stage 2 of the Republican Olympiad on "Pedagogy" has come to the end

The stage 2 of the Republican Olympiad on "Pedagogy" has come to the end

Republican Olympiad in "Pedagogy" was held May 14-15, 2018 in TSPU them. Nizami. This Olympiad was organized by the Faculty of Pedagogy and the Department of Pedagogy and General Psychology. Chairman of the Organizing Committee Ph.D. A. Mukhsiyeva and the dean of the faculty, Ph.D. L.Nurmuhammedova opened the Olympics. The Olympiad was held in four stages of testing, a crossword, presentation of the abstract and the solution of pedagogical situations. The 1-st place was occupied by the student of the 3-course N.Matkarimova under the direction of Dr.Sc. Z. Saliyeva. The 3-year student of Bukhara State University, a 3-year student of M. Bakhramov, under the direction of Ph.D., prof. Sh. Olimova. a technical student, professor. 3-rd place was taken by the third-year student of N.Omonov of Termez State University under the direction of Ph.D., Assoc. M.Bozorova

15 May 2018 , 746
Yuldasheva D.

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