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Trade-union committee

Trade-union committee, as one of public organizations uniting the most number of employees in the rows carries out the activity from the first days of formation of educational establishment.

For eighty-year history of university the trade-union committee of university accumulated large experience in-process on social defence of employees, to creation for them deserving terms of labour, to creation of favourable climate in a collective, guard and renewal of health of professors-teachers, employees and student young people.

In different years by a chairman trade-union committee of employees of university D.Usmanov, R.Kxudayberganov, J.Каsimbekov, V.Spijevsky, А.Rafikov, М.Мirpulatov, U.Gadoybaev.

The trade-union committee of students was headed by R.Xalikov, N.Sherboyev, Z.Davronov, А.Ibragimov, К.Ergashev, S.Тuraev.

In all its history the trade-union committee of university carried out the great number of works, worthy of note.

For example, on initiative of trade-union committee in 1980 year lot lands were distinguished for workers on territory of Кibrayof district.

With the matter of improvement of housing terms of faculty advisors and workers of university it is possible most success to name building in 1989-1990.on territory of multistoried building. In distribution 48 apartments in a house most needing active voice was accepted by the activists of trade-union motion.

For the further strengthening of social defence of student young people of university due to payments of the organized labours, at отчетно-выборной conference a decision about establishment of the incorporated trade union of university was accepted in September, 1989.

The chairman of the incorporated trade-union committee of university А.rasulmukxamrdov (1989-1992) worked as in different years, С.Тuraev(1992-1994), R.Shonazarov (1994-2004), М.Маdirimov(2004-2009). As deputies on work with students carried out the activity of О.Мuхtarov, К.Kurbanov, S.Аkхmadaliev, B.Nurillaev, I.Rakxmanov.

According to statistical data, in those years trade-union organization of university united in the rows 1066 professors-teachers, 1079 employees, 140 graduate students and докторантов, 5263 students of internal separation, all the organized labours were 7539 persons.

Common collection of the incorporated trade union of university in December 2008 considered expedient realization of separate activity the trade union of workers and student trade union. By the chairman of trade union of employees was select S.Аkхmadaliev (2009-2010). From 2010 to 2015 a trade union was managed by an associate professor S.Baltabaev.

Presently the chairman of trade-union organization is a doctor of филологичесих sciences, professor Ibrahim Yuldashev.

A chairman of student trade-union organization is Furkat Мirkamalov.

In the years of independence trade-union organization of university was the initiator of the large spiritually-elucidative work, sent to the revival of national values of our people, education for the members of collective of high morally-moral qualities. As an example, it is possible to name the events of "Мархабо, талантлар"! (Welcome, talents!), she "Ҳаёт она алласидан бошланади"! (Life is begun with a cradle mother!), "Эртаклар – яхшиликка етаклар"! (fairy-tales appeal to good!), "Фарзандлар камоли – юртимиз жамоли"! (Harmonious development of the young generation is beauty of our country).

Journeys get organized to the historical cities of our sunny country, visit of notable places, cultural establishments of the capital of independent Uzbekistan.

Annually for employees and their children tours are distinguished in sanatory establishments, summer health camps.

In holidays, meeting is conducted with the veterans of university, deserved teachers and tutors. For them Uzbek table is covered, a pilau prepares.

In the places of residence of students together with university administration, public organizations of university are create mugs, different cultural and mass and sport events the winners of that awarded with memorable prizes of trade-union organization are conducted.

9 January 2017 , 19,618

Pattern Statute about primary trade union organization in the Federation of trade unions of Uzbekistan

31 October 2017

Pattern Statute about primary trade union organization in the Federation of trade unions of Uzbekistan

Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan about trade unions, their rights and a guarantees of their actions

26 September 2017

Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan about trade unions, their rights and a guarantees of their actions

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