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The faculty of physics-mathematics

The faculty of physics-mathematics was founded in 1935 as one of the three faculties of Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute

Since 1968, the faculties of physics and mathematics had begun to activate separately. And since 1999, in connection with the assignment of the status of the university, they were merged together. Over the years the faculty have been managed by R.Otazhonov, M.Zhdanov, S.Tursunov, B.Habibullaev, S.Hodzhaev, Sh.Maksudov, M.Saydamatov, A.Baydedaev, N.Dadadzhanov, A.Hikmatov, H.Nazarov, M .Madirimov, M.Dzhoraev, U.Begimkulov, E.Saydamatov, Abdullayev, B.Islamov, R.Turgunbaev, K.Dzhumaniyazov, D.I.Yunusova. Currently, the dean of the faculty is Jabbarov Gayrat Farhadovich , Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor. Academics P.K.Habibullaev, Sh.A.Ayupov, Sh.Farmonov, R.Muminov worked at the faculty and led to scientists R.Otazhonov (Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan), the professor R.Mallin (R.Mallaboev), W Maksudov, Zh . Tashkhanova , M. Ziyahodzhaev , N. Dadadzhanov , I. Ismailov , R. Yunusmetov , B. Mirzakhmedov , A. Baidedayev , E. Imamov , K. Nasriddinov . At present, along with teaching, the leading scientists of Uzbekistan are fruitfully conducting scientific, pedagogical and research work: Zh . O. Tahirov , I. Sattarov , M. Djorayev , M. Mamadazimov , R. Beshimov , U. Yuldashev , M. Madirimov , R. Abdullayev and others. The faculty of physics-mathematics trains highly qualified specialists - teachers of physics and astronomy, mathematics, computer science for institutions of secondary specialized and professional education in the areas of bachelor's degree in Informatics, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Methods of Teaching Informatics, Methods of teaching physics and astronomy "and in the field" Methods of teaching exact sciences (mathematics), "Methods of teaching exact sciences (physics and astronomer mia), "Information technologies in education". In the 2017-2018 academic years 17 students (master degree) and 408 students (bachelor degree) were trained at the faculty.

At present there are four departments at the faculty:

1) Department “General Mathematics”. The head of the department is R. Turgunbayev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor;

2) Department "Methods of teaching mathematics". The head of the department is D. Davletov, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences;

3) Department "Methods of teaching physics and astronomy". The head of the department is O.Do’smatov, Doctor of sciences of physics and mathematics, professor.

4). Department “Methods of Teaching Informatics". The head of the department is S. Tursunov, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor;

Currently, 44 professor - teachers work at the faculty on the basic staff units. 4 of them are doctors of sciences, 18 candidates of science, associate professors, 13 senior teachers, 24 assistants teachers.

In 2017-2018 academic years, professor-teachers conduct research work on 1 fundamental projects:

F 2.2.8 "Solar activity and light coronal points". Scientific adviser is B.Sattarova, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor;

The faculty of physics-mathematics is one of the oldest faculties of Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, which contributes to the training of teachers for the entire system of national, secondary specialized vocational education.

The faculty began its activity in 1935, since the establishment of the institute (university), and it consisted of two departments - physics and mathematics.

The department of physics of the faculty was engaged in the activity of the Department of General Physics, where work was done on teaching radioelectronics , theoretical physics and methods of teaching physics. Until 1939 there was a department of higher mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, there were taught T.N.Qori - Niyoziy, Sh.T.Masudov, M.Vodiriy, O.Karimiy and Suleimonov.

In the fall of 1939 the department of higher mathematics was divided into departments of mathematical analysis and geometry and elementary mathematics. They taught the principles of modern algebra, number theory, the foundations of geometry and the construction of a geometric theory.

In 1998, the two faculties were merged and renamed the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. On the post of dean of physics and mathematics faculty worked the following: U.Sh.Begimulov , E.M.Saidamatov , R.Z.Abdullaev , B.Islamov , Қ.Zhumanizov , R.M.Turgunbaev , D.Yunusova.

Famous scientists of the country worked at the faculty. In particular, R.K. Otanjonov - Honored Scientist of the Republic, leading scientist and veteran of science, MSSaidamatov - employee of public education, an excellent student of public education, T. Turdiyev - the foremost in the field of education, A.G. Khikmatov - Intermediate education, labor veteran, holder of medals "Mehnat Shuhrati ", T. Rizaev - an excellent education, M.Madyrimov - was awarded the title of Honored Education Worker of Uzbekistan.

The graduates of the faculty are the well-known scientist, doctor of biological sciences, professor P.A.Khakimov, currently head of the department of pediatric department of the Institute of Central Asia, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor M.G.Haliulin (died), doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor B.M.Mirzaahmedov (died), doctor of medical Sciences, professor M.Zhuraev, A.Abduqodirov, N.Sherboev , T.Tulaganov (died), S.Akhrorov , M.Mamadazimov , F.Zakirova , Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. D. Musayev (died), R. Bashimov , K. Khudaiberganov , A. Zaitov , D. Yunusova and others.

At the present time the following departments operate at the faculty: Methodology of teaching physics and astronomy, methods of teaching mathematics, methods of teaching computer science, mathematical analysis, methods of teaching mathematics, computer science and information technologies in education, physics and methods of teaching it - to train teachers from students baccalaureate .

Spiritual and educational work of the faculty

On May 5, 2018, an event dedicated to the memory of honor and honor was held at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty.

All students of the faculty took an active part in the event. At present veterans of old age are invited, as well as all professors and teachers working at the faculty.

Professors M.Madirimov, M.Mamadazimov , O.Toshmetov , A.Abdukodirov , A.Musurmanov , who spoke at the event, realize the value of today's peaceful life, was kidnapped. The student said that young people perform their work in the field of science, introducing them into the work of past teachers. The students also expressed their wishes to the teachers. The event featured scenes and videos dedicated to the Day of Memory and Honor.Heads of departments (O. Dusmatov , D. Davletov, R. Turgunboev , S. Tursunov) took part in the event .

The deputy of the dean for spiritual and educational work of the faculty I.Kurbanazarov presented gifts to guests. Professor M. Madimov in his speech acknowledged the desire of young people and thanked them for studying the way of life. M.Madyrimov thanked all the guests and invited the students to take a picture at the end, and the students were happy to be photographed with their teachers.

In order to significantly increase the leisure time of students and increase their attention to sports, the team of teachers actively participated in the FOOTBALL contest among university students.

At the same time, the Faculty regularly organizes the game of FOOTBALL. This will help create a sense of interest and a sense of mutual respect among professors and teachers.

In addition to prominent scientists from the Republic of Uzbekistan, visitors from CIS countries, as well as teachers and students of the faculty and students of fraternal peoples, round tables and spiritual enlightenment activities, come to the faculties. On April 25, 2018, a round table was held with the participation of the academician of the Kyrgyz National University Mambetakunov Esenbek.

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Ma`naviy-ma`rifiy ishlar

27 yanvar 2017 yil Fanlar Akademiyasi akademigi, tarix fanlari doktori Axmadali Asqarov bilan uchrashuv bo‘lib o‘tdi.
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Fakultet yangiliklari

15 October 2017

Department of «Method of teaching computer science»

In 1985 department was separated from department of “ Mathematic Analyze” faculty of physics and mathematics under name “Information technology and Counting techniques”.
19 May 2018

Methods of teaching physics and astronomy

Fizikasiz Olam juda zimiston, Nurafshon ayladi uni Nyuton, Arximed, Demokrit etdi guliston Ulug`bek yulduzi porlar charag`on!

10 December 2017

General mathematics

The Department of General Mathematics conducts classes in the areas of bachelor's program "Methods of Teaching Mathematics", "Methods of Teaching Informatics", "Methods of Teaching Physics and Astronomy", "Pedagogy and Psychology", "Labor Training", in Master's Degrees, "Methods of Teaching of Exact and Natural Sciences (mathematics) "," Methods of teaching exact and natural sciences (physics) ".
11 January 2018

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