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The Pedagogics faculty has been generated in 1999. A direction of Defectology was a part of faculty 2016, now it is called as faculty of Pedagogy.
Since September 2017, the dean of the faculty, candidate of pedagogical sciences L.Sh. Nurmuhammedova works.

Since September 2017, the dean of the faculty, candidate of pedagogical sciences L.Sh. Nurmuhammedova works.


Candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent

The following chairs are functioning at the faculty:

5110900 Pedagogics and psychology

5111800 - Preschool education

5210200 Psychology (under the activity form)

5111900 - Defectology

In the Pedagogics and psychology direction prepares highly skilled experts for the academic college and professional colleges, educational institutions. In faculty carry out the of activity following chairs:

- Chair "Pedagogics";

- Chair "Psychology";

- Chair "Preschool education";

- Chair «Correctional pedagogics»;

- Chair «vocational education Procedure»;

For preparation of the highest qualifying shots work more than 78 professors and teachers. 5 doctors of sciences, professors, 32 candidates of science, senior lecturers and teachers. To the students, successfully ended faculty degree of the bachelor of pedagogics and psychology, the school psychologist, the adviser, the logopedist and the teacher of music is yielded. Also can continue study on specialities in a magistracy. Students of our faculty can live in a 10-hostel for students.

The faculty of Pedagogics and psychology carries out the activity from the moment of university building, since 1935. At first, the faculty let out shots for pedagogical HIGH SCHOOLS of teachers of psychology and pedagogics, in the following prepared experts for national education of inspectors-methodologists, tutors of preschool centres. Those years the chair «Pedagogics and psychology» has been created, in it the well-known scientists as professor K.E.Bendrikov, senior lecturers V.F.Lubensov, V.I.Moroz, K.D.Dadaev, S.Bajburova, N.A.Konstannikov worked.

In 1941 chair "Psychology" has been created and professor P.I.Ivanov managed chair till 1968. In 1951 the chair «Preschool pedagogics» has been created. Since 1957 the faculty has started to prepare teachers of elementary education.

In 1958 with a view of enriching and improvement preparation of quality of teachers of elementary education the chair «Pedagogics of initial classes» has started to work.

By 1967 "the Defectology" direction was generated, in this direction prepares teachers for auxiliary schools.

At present in faculty experts in following directions «Pedagogics and psychology», "Preschool education", "Psychology", "Defectology".

6 January 2018 , 45,039
Yuldasheva D.

Fakultet yangiliklari

2 June 2017

Corrective pedagogics chair

6 January 2018

From July, 2017 the chair of pedagogy Korreksion is headed by docent Z.M. Akhmedova.

Methods of special education chair

5 January 2018

P.Pulatova, M.Khamidova, Ya.Chicherina, N.Yusupova, Z.Islambekova, D.Yakubdjanova, M.U.Khamidova and others work in Methods of special education chair.

Information about the chair “Psychology”

30 January 2018

The chair “Psychology” was founded in the 1999 year in faculty “Pedagogical and psychology”.

Department of “Pre-school Education”

2 June 2017

The department of “Pedagogical and general psixology”

2 June 2017

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