Main idea of national programme of specialist preparation is to create national model of continuous education. As national programme requires , students are able to get education for free, without being enterrupted from their families at secondary schools, and needless to mention that in our country all conditions provided for a above in academic lyceums as well as in professional colleges. This is provided and controlled by the Ministry of secondary education. Some of the specific education fields requires specific involvement and activities that will assist to develop economy of our country, fulfill the demand in labor market and develop it.
Professional education in secondary schools no professional colleges is a must and being provided within 3 years, and is considered as independent step as well as provided to student who is themselves based on ???The Law of Education` and ???The National Program For Preparation Of Local Specialists` of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Previous 11 years education system had disadvantage, when students after finishing schools did not have profession and have not been ready to enter their social life to implement their abilities. Nowadays, youths having received special knowledges is ready to enter their independent life.
In addition to this the Decree of President of Uzbekistan No. 1761 PQ dated from 28.05.2012 ???Actions for further development of the system for preparing the specialist for academic liceum a and professional colleges` become a base and youths can choose and work at the professional field they have chosen independently or continue at next education step. In order to follow and execute above the Decree, practical steps have been taken in Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami, and department have been etsablished that`s will be responsible for cooperation with academic liceum said and professional colleges. The activity of department is based on Charter and Program with purpose to provide methodical assistance to academic lyceums and professional colleges.
All teachers of university have been provided with all necessary information that allows to create educational books at pre school, academic lyceums and professional colleges levels. Winners of tenders - authors have been provided with practical assistance allowing to issue necessary books in due time. In the period between 2014-2015 of educational year, following amount of educational books have been issued by the professors and teachers of University:7 books, 16 educational system materials, and 22 methodical books for pre school, academic liceum and professional colleges levels.
On 22 of June of 2013 training has taken place organized by the Ministry of higher and secondary education with theme ???Implementation of Information Technologies into the modern education process at academic liceum a and professional colleges`. 15 professors of our university has taken active part in training.
In order to prepare enrollees to universities, special ???Enrollees`s stuff` has been organized and ???Open doors` days has been established.
By the initiative of Ministry of Public Education and in cooperation with Republican center of education, Tashkent region State Pedagogical university and Tashkent region teachers training institutes have been formed ???Masters School` on general secondary education subjects in 22 schools of Tashkent region. For scientific-methodological support have been organized working group consisting 22 departments and 42 teachers-trainers.
Administrations of Tashkent city and regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan carrying out regular basis in order to determine the needs for teachers in the fields of educational institutes.
In order to supply of implementation of resolution of the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 242 dated from 10.08.2012 ???Measures for the further improvement of the system on training and re-training of managers and teachers of secondary special and vocational education institutions` according to the plan of the Ministry of Higher and secondary Education, Specialized secondary and Vocational education center within the university have been organized in various regions of the republic teachers training courses on subjects of secondary education, pedagogy and psychology studies for specialized secondary and vocational education teachers.


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