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Since 2014 the university has comprised 51 departments where 45 doctors of science and 235 candidates of science of 766 academic staff are working.
Scientific research works on the frame of the state scientific-technical programs. The university has gained 11 project works in the current year and at the moment is engaged with 17 ones. They are based on applied, theoretical, innovational and other spheres of science. In general 136 teachers-professors are participating in these projects where 31 of them are doctors and 45 candidates of sciences, 42 associate teachers and 18 scientific researchers and students.
Received international grants. The university is participating as a partner at the international project work “Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture” on the frame of TEMPUS programs. This project started in October 2012 and scheduled to conclude in 2015. This consortium will be in alignment with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the Bologna Process, and will follow centralized standards for everything from quality assurance to credit recognition. The project with the fund of 1.291.757 Euros occupies exchange investigations and visits to Groningen University in the Netherlands and higher educational establishments of our republic.
Besides there are a number of other international grant projects where our professors and teachers are taking part, for instance PhD. Kh.Rakhimov is working in partnership with the embassy of Germany and PhD. B.Lee is cooperating with the embassy of Korea.
Innovational ideas and work outs. The university has been regularly participating at the international and national fairs of innovative ideas, technologies and projects since 2007 and the scientific personnel are the holders of both international and national patents and certificates on different spheres of sciences.
On the VIII Republic Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects Fair, May 19-21, 2015, our professors and teachers presented 26 work outs where 16 our representatives were rewarded with certificates. There our university also signed 19 bilateral contracts on the amount of 16.3 million sums. These contracts mainly dealt with designing multimedia work outs on the primary education direction.
International cooperation and relations. There are created more than 20 international research relations with Commonwealth Independent Countries and foreign countries. They are fulfilled through the visits of science delegations, participation in the international scientific conferences, cooperative performance of research works, publishing articles and students exchange and personnel internship. Especially it is well arranged with the University of Freiburg (Germany) and the University of Seoul (Korea).
There are 27 exchange students in the university at the moment.
Institute of senior fellows-researchers. There is a senior fellows-researchers institute on 13 specialties with 23 research staff in the university. There is a seminar under the supervision of the vice-rector on research works where 23 doctoral dissertation and 10 topical research works have been discussed in the current year.
Council of young scientists. The main activity of the Council of young scientists is to increase the level of scientific research and the promotion of young people their early professional development. The current year activity has been enriched by seminars on the themes “Issues on foreign language teaching/learning development”, “Investigation”, “The current achievements and problems of natural sciences” and reflected in the collection of articles.
Conferences. There have been 8 conferences in the current year, one international, 3 republic and 4 under the ministry conferences.
There was an international scientific practical conference dated November 12-13, 2014 “Collaborative pedagogics in continuous educational system” where more than 400 academic scientists, researchers, teachers and students from Russian Federation, Korea Republic, Japan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina took place. There were also organized master classes by participating prominent scientists.
Received scientific results. The teachers-professors of the university have received certificates on 32 program products. The academic staff is also systematically working at designing new e-books and getting patents. In the academic year 2014-2015 prepared by the teachers-professors 105 scientific articles in the foreign scientific journals, 317 articles in the republic scientific journals and 852 articles in the republic conferences were published. The university teachers-professors are the authors of more than 40 monographs, 23 text-books and 44 manuals for public and secondary specialized education systems. The e-versions of all text-books and manuals along with conference materials’ collections are included into the university portal (tdpu.uz).

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